Smart Home

Palladio Homes uses the latest technology to make your life easier and more convenient, by allowing you to control your home from almost any mobile device.

Security System

  • is a leading provider of security and monitoring services
  • Can be controlled from a wall-mounted security panel, as well as remotely from any mobile device through the app
  • Also integrates with many smart devices, like light switches, cameras or door locks

Video Doorbell

  • Integrated HD camera with night vision
  • See and speak with visitors at your front door through your phone, from anywhere
  • Also acts as a "normal" doorbell and rings your interior chime

Smart Code Door Locks

  • Keyless entry - no more lockouts or loosing keys
  • Open your door with a personal code
  • Set temporary codes to allow access for handyman, cleaners, ...
  • Automatically arm or disarm your security system as you lock or unlock your door
  • Lock or unlock your door from your cell phone

Climate Control

  • Monitor and adjust temperatures and schedules from anywhere in the world using the iComfort App
  • Balance temperature and humidity for the best "Feels Like" temperature
  • Smart "Away" mode detects when you are leaving and sets the system to an energy efficient mode

Multi Room Audio

  • Get music to every room in your house - all controlled through one simple app on your mobile device
  • Put a small portable speaker in your bathroom, a soundbar with subwoofer for your great room TV, use Sonos Amps to connect to ceiling speakers, ...
  • Each speaker can play independently, or you can combine speakers/rooms to zones
  • Play all your favorite music services: iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, or listen to your favorite home radio station through internet radio

Lighting Control

  • Turn lights on and off from your phone
  • Program lights, e.g. have your exterior lights turn on at sunset and turn off at 3pm
  • Integrate lights into your home automation to program lighting scenes

Video Surveillance

  • See what’s happening at your property in real time, from anywhere
  • Event-triggered video alerts, e.g. in an alarm event, if the front door is opened or if motion is detected
  • 24/7 cloud based continuous recording

Irrigation Control

  • Installed inside your garage - to prevent from being manipulated
  • Easily create, monitor and control watering schedules from anywhere through mobile app
  • Gets internet weather data and adjusts watering duration

WiFi Access Points

  • Perfect WiFi coverage throughout your entire home
  • Can even be installed outside to give you WiFi signal on your lanai and pool deck

Fully Integrated Home Automation System

  • Control your entire home through one app: lights, music, alarm system, cameras, A/C, door locks, shutters, garage doors
  • Voice control through Amazon Echo